A home as clever as its owner.

How Does a Smart Home Work?

With Total Home Automation, your Hamptons home becomes your own personal assistant – an assistant that understands your preferences and performs all of the necessary, everyday home functions so you don’t have to manually set them each time.

Through smart home technology, you can have complete hands-free control of thermostats, TVs, lighting, music, blinds, and more through simple programming. Your home automation system may include turning each of these items on/off at set times during the day, having them open or close at your discretion, alarming your home security systems, and performing routine tasks with a series of programmable options.

Plus, your smart home products will allow you the ability to constantly upgrade your home and monitor everything from around the world in real-time from your smart home or tablet whenever you’re traveling for an extra sense of security.

The Perks of Having a Smart Home

Imagine this: you come home on a cold night and walk into your Long Island home in the dark, trying to find the security system to turn it off as it’s ringing loudly, and desperately trying to reach the lights with this alarm in your ear. It’s frustrating and such a pain to endure each time you arrive home. With smart home products and home security systems, arriving home can be a more pleasant experience.

Smart home technology enables you to get into your New York home efficiently and safely. When you come home, outdoor sensors will detect when your phone has arrived near the doorway’s proximity, or simply with the click of a button, your system will activate to prepare your home for entry before you’re even out of your vehicle.

Now, imagine waking up and having your morning routine ready before you are. It is six o’clock in the morning and your alarm turns on, which instantly activates your favorite morning New York news channel. Simultaneously, your home automation system begins heating the floors in your bathroom, turns on the music system in your shower, and also begins brewing your coffee in the kitchen. While you’re showering, your home continues to move your morning routine forward, as your shades open up so you can enjoy the view, and preset lights begin to switch on around your home.

Your smart home learns the intricacies in your routine and creates a seamless plan so that each item is where it’s supposed to be as you head in or out of the door. With home automation, your smart home streamlines your routine and adapts to your preferences with numerous settings and a plethora of possibilities.

The Installation Process

The León Group understands that every person and family is unique, and your home automation installation should reflect your individuality. We’ll work with you to create an ideal solution to your day-to-day difficulties.

Our process entails:

The León Group’s Home Automation

Your Long Island home is your sanctuary and should cater to your preferences. With home automation systems, you can control your home from anywhere and adjust it to your needs. The brilliance of smart home products is that it learns from your actions and reacts accordingly.

You can set and control your:


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