Your single source for numerous landscaping tasks.
The León Group Difference

Seasonal Needs

  • spring
  • summer
  • fall
  • winter

Spring Services

We’ll help your garden spring to life in the warmer weather. During the springtime, The León Group suggests:

  • spring landscape clean-up
  • mulching
  • lawn care maintenance
  • irrigation opening and repairs
  • lawn care treatments
  • pest control
  • landscape treatments
  • tick control
  • planting
  • estate management
  • mowing

Summer Services

Create a place of shade and refuge throughout the summertime heat. During the summertime, The León Group suggests:

  • privet trimming
  • mowing
  • driveway maintenance
  • landscape design
  • lawn care maintenance
  • tick control
  • landscape treatment
  • pest control
  • irrigation services
  • estate management
  • shrub pruning

Fall Services

We’ll simplify preparation for winter as the autumn leaves begin to fall and the days grow cooler. During the fall, The León Group suggests:

  • privet trimming
  • shrub pruning
  • lawn clean-up
  • lawn care treatment
  • lawn aerating and dethatching
  • irrigation services
  • lawn mowing
  • estate management
  • landscape maintenance
  • burlapping of trees

Winter Services

We’ll be on hand to nurture your garden through the dreary winter weather and ensure that your garden survives the storm. During the summer, The León Group suggests:

  • fall and winter clean-up
  • storm and snow clean-up
  • winterize annuals in beds, pots, and containers
  • landscape maintenance
  • plowing and snow management


For over 25 years, The León Group has built a strong reputation as one of the leading resources for everything from lawn sprinkler systems and lawn care services to snow removal and beyond.

The León Group is the gold standard in Long Island estate planning and grounds service. To keep your home looking beautiful throughout the year and prepare the grounds for the upcoming season, trust The León Group’s specialists to take care of your home’s outdoor needs.

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The León Group

2488 Montauk Highway Bridgehampton, New York, 11932
Phone: 631-537-5200
  • Decades of Experience

    The León Group traces its origins to 1988, when Juan Carlos de León began a small landscaping business serving the Hamptons.

  • Dedicated to the Hamptons

    Although the León Group has grown from a one-man service into a comprehensive estate management company, its roots remain firmly in eastern Long Island.

  • A Family Company

    As a family company since its inception, the León Group is attuned to the needs of busy families and the rhythms of family life.